Become a support member

Email with the information described in the template below to become a supporting member. Your application is then processed by the board. Anyone interested in Open Source can apply for membership.

A supporting member normally has access to the same activities and information as a full member, with the exception that a supporting member cannot vote at membership meetings. According to the statutes, the board decides which activities a support member has the right to participate in and which information he can receive.

Current fee

(determined at the annual meeting) Membership fee: SEK 200 / support member

Withdrawal rules

A member who wishes to withdraw from the association must report this in writing to the association’s board no later than 3 months before the turn of the year at which the membership is intended to end. Reimbursement of paid annual fee does not take place.

Member application - support member

We need the following information to process your application:

Membership application - support member
The undersigned hereby applies to become a supporting member of the Association of Open Software Providers in Sweden,
Open Source Sweden.

Org no
ZIP code
Postal address