Open Source Sweden


Open Source Sweden is an industry association that supports the interests of Swedish Open Source companies.

The English version of this website is currently limited, in the sense that the current pages are roughly translated. If you have any problems understanding us, contact for help. We will work to improve the state of the english speaking site in the future.

Redpill Linpro founds the European Open Source Consortium

Open Source Sweden member Redpill Linpro has together with some European Open Source companies founded the European Open Source Consortium (EOS Consortium)

European Open Source Consortium Redpill Linpro is a co-founder of the “European Open Source Consortium” together with our trusted partners Smile (France), Adfinis (Switzerland), Univention (Germany) and Lunatech Consulting Ltd (NL, UK and FR). Together, the organizations have operations in over 15 European countries and more than 3,000 digitization specialists in the region, with a focus on consulting, development, optimization and operation of large-scale open source projects. Through a framework agreement with one of the consortium members, customers can gain access to the collective range of expertise provided by all consortium members. [Read More]

Nextcloud for your company - How does it work?

This session features Dwellirs experience with selecting a solution based on the open source based solution NextCloud

Dwellir and NextCloud for your company - how does it work? Dwellir AB is a company in the crypto industry founded in 2021 with approx. 15 people, employees and consultants. Dwellir uses Nextcloud as an overall solution for the company’s office IT, i.e. e-mail, calendar, video conferencing, planning, file sharing and document management. In this webinar with Open Source Sweden, Erik Lönroth (CTO) explains what was the basis for the decision to choose Nextcloud, what the employees think and how it works today. [Read More]

Open Source Sweden presents at DevOps Malmö

Join us at Foo Café 14th of december to talk about open source

Open Source Sweden presenting at DevOps Malmö Open Source Sweden’s board members Mathias Lindroth and Magnus Glantz will present at DevOps Malmö’s next meetup at Foo Café in Malmö, 14th of december, 17:30. The speakers will walk you through all the essential things you need to know when starting or running an open source project. We will discuss fundamental considerations for successful open source projects, such as: Project goals and market positioning Project identity and brand Governance Infrastructure and financing Metrics and sustainability Licensing and all things legal This is an useful session for anyone: [Read More]